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Day 7
Sabbath morning-- 7:00am.

We are just about to eat breakfast this morning and head off to church. We will spend the majority of the morning/early afternoon there then will hold special clinic for a few new church members (after this clinic was held, our patient total was approximately 1,155 for the week).

We will then prepare mentally and spiritually for our departure tomorrow morning at 6:00am.

Our brothers and sisters down here have definitely taught us as much about being a Christian than we could have ever taught them.

Please keep in your prayers those who have made the decision to follow Christ today as well as those who will soon do the same. Also keep Alfredo in your prayers, as he is losing his voice today.

It started to pour as Alfredo was speaking, then the electricity went off:

Alfredo and LaVonna then moved off the platform to speak in the middle of the aisle:

Baptisms and prayer:

On our way to set up clinic in a church (yes, this is a church) and photos of the surrounding area:
The church:




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