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Day 5
Today we got to take in the beauty of Nicaragua, visiting the cities of Masaya, Granada, and Catalina.

We had an opportunity to visit the market and experience Nicaraguan culture. We began to see many more examples today of why Nicaragua is one of the poorest Central American countries. Although the country  and the people seem to live in almost complete poverty, they are gracious, kind and we seem to run into a church every hundred yards.

We got to see one of God´s greatest wonders in the form of a volcano while visiting Masaya Volcano National Park. It really gives you an idea of how weak man is in light of God´s awesome power.


Next stop was a delicious lunch (made by Jeff and Nancy) consiting of avacado, tomato, and onion sandwiches, etc; by a fresh water lake which appeared more like an ocean (Alfredo informed us that this was one of the few fresh water lakes with sharks in it, so yeah--we opted no swimming).  :-)


We ended our trip back to the hotel with a quick stop at a lagoon created by one of the volcano eruptions. The lagoon was absolutely beautiful!

After soaking all the beauty in, we made our way back to the hotel. Just in time too! At that point the sky opened and it began pouring!

We finished the night with the crusade. John touched on some important health topics focused on diabetes and cholestrol while LaVonna translated. Alfredo then preached directly from the heart on the magnitude of Christ´s death and resurrection, which cumulated with a call for current members to reflect and potentials to really contemplate a decision for Christ. Please keep in your prayers that the Holy Spirit will work on the potential members as well as the current ones, that all glory will be given to Christ as we draw closer to God.

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